Our Environmental Advantage

Environmental Impact is a key concern to our company.

The vast majority of the current products being used globally within industry today are disposable and not recyclable. Most of them are single use only and end up in landfill sites and our oceans. Once there, due to their chemical make-up, they take many years to degrade. Whilst degrading, they release toxic chemicals into the environment and the items can be ingested by wildlife mistaking them for food. Once in our ecosystem, they invariably will pass these toxic chemicals into our food chain.

We have made it an essential requirement of our product to ensure that we create the lowest possible levels of pollution and waste at every stage, so that we can help our clients meet all their targets of waste and pollution reduction for the future.

This has been achieved by using all the best products and processes available to us, so that we can produce a perfect fit first time for our clients. Our products require a simple cleaning process which reduces waste, and at the end of their life span, we dispose of the old products responsibly.