Smart Work

Smart HEAR™ has been designed to allow the wearer to operate all day, every day in total comfort, and with constant protection from harmful sound levels while still being able to converse normally at the same time. This alone can increase their safety in the workplace because it also allows the wearer to hear safely all day, while working around moving machines and materials. 

The Smart HEAR™ system allows for a perfect mould of the wearer’s ear canal to give a personal and perfectly secure fit of the protectors, without the need for cords and without being cumbersome or interfering with safety helmets, glasses, or other clothing. For the food industry, we also offer fully detectable blue protectors to meet industry standards. 

By adopting Smart HEAR™ protectors for staff, this also allows your company to be reassured that they are fully compliant with all current and future legislation for wearers at all times. For night shift workers, we also offer our Sleep plugs, so staff can enjoy undisturbed sleep to produce greater levels of concentration, leading to raised productivity and safety levels at work. 

Many operatives in the construction industry are experiencing varying levels of sound during their working day, so to avoid needing to change their hearing protection systems again and again while working, the Smart HEAR™ system allows them to wear one system all day in total comfort.