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Safe Sound Technologies is a UK registered and regulated company, with its head office based in Warwickshire, which specialises in the supply of high quality hearing protection systems for individuals who work in environments where sound levels are above safe limits. Our specialised system allows the wearer can enjoy total comfort over long periods of time as well as being able to hear normally while being fully protected. Click the Image to find out more...

 Environmental Advantage

Environment Pollution

We have made it an essential requirement of our product to ensure that we create the lowest possible levels of pollution and waste at every stage so that we can help our clients meet all their targets of waste and pollution reduction for the future. Click the Image to find out more...

Smart HEAR™ Products

Smart HEAR™ has been achieved by working with a world leading manufacturer who uses the latest cutting-edge technology, special medical grade materials and digital scanning to produce a very precise personalized fit for the wearer, as well as variable hearing protection levels depending on the environment that they are working in.

The Smart HEAR™ system also allows companies and individuals to comply with all the latest safety legislation in the workplace, as well as being able to ensure the highest levels of hygiene for the wearer due to our hygiene support package. All of this is available at a potentially lower cost than many of the current products on the market today.

Each Smart HEAR™ protection system comes with its own storage box and easy hygiene pack for secure clean storage of the plugs when not in use.

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